As a nation, we have always loved to be beside the seaside and the pandemic has pushed more home movers to seek out the sea breeze, fresh salty air, limitless horizons and vibe that says ‘permanent staycation’. The rise of remote working is also one of the key motivations for a swap to the shoreline, with professionals able to put some real distance between their old office and where they live.

Many coastal towns and villages have long carried a property premium but if you’re looking for value-for-money, there is good news. While West Sussex coastal towns largely failed to make the national hotspot tables, they should by no means be disregarded. In fact, they have lots to offer in terms of work-life balance appeal, choice and affordability - we like to think of them as our ‘best kept secrets’.

Why move to West Sussex?

The benefits of moving to and living in West Sussex are aplenty.

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, then the region has everything from rolling countryside and breath-taking beaches, to quaint villages and bustling towns.

Whether you live in the heart of Chichester, peaceful Middleton-On-Sea or family favourite West Wittering, every amenity, indoor and outdoor activity, and cultural or historical experience you can wish for will be easily accessible. Even better, you can get to London in under two hours, while neighbouring cities and employment hubs are even closer!

If it’s choice and affordability you’re after, then the property supply in the area is currently keeping pace with demand, meaning that you won’t pay extortionate prices for your ideal home.

While prices may have been soaring elsewhere, the average house price increase in Chichester has been around 8% over the last year, and you’ll only pay a 20% premium for a sea view compared to over 40% outside of the county! This makes West Sussex an even more attractive location to buy property on the coast.

Best coastal towns near Chichester

Across West Sussex, there are many seaside villages and towns, all a stone’s throw from Chichester and with a range of properties to suit most budgets.

At White & Brooks, these are the locations in which we’ve seen a tsunami of interest from both buyers and sellers:


Av. property price*

Distance to Chichester

Distance to London



9 miles

88 miles

Bognor Regis


7 miles

70 miles



6 miles

86 miles



13 miles

64 miles



9 miles

70 miles



7 miles

71 miles

East Wittering


8 miles

87 miles



5 miles

75 miles

West Wittering


8 miles

87 miles

If you want to move to a coast with the most, choose one of these West Sussex hotspots and we’d be happy to help with your property search or sale.

*Rightmove house prices June 2021