Townhouse Interior Design Tips

Among some of the most sought-after properties for sale in West Sussex are townhouses. From the period townhouses of Arundel to the contemporary new developments surrounding Chichester, these typically three-storey terraced properties cater to a wide range of buyers.

Modern townhouses are ideal for those looking to put their personal stamp on an interior and can be the perfect option for first-time buyers or those stepping up from a small house. While older character townhouses are often crying out for complete refurbishment and can attract growing families keen to fill the floors, they can also catch the eye of the amateur investor hoping to flip for a profit and developers looking at potentially splitting the property into flats.

But the adaptability offered by townhouses - quirky layouts, extra space and taller-than-average ceilings - can also cause interior design conundrums. With these interior design tips, however, you can ensure a seamless flow, maximise space and optimise style throughout a townhouse.

Start at the Bottom
A great feature of many townhouses is the large entrance hall and it’s here where you can really set the scene. It’s also where you will usually find some kind of boot store and utility room designed to, quite literally, keep your dirty laundry from being aired. It’s also the place to keep your essentials to save you running back up two or three flights of stairs every time you leave the house. 

To reiterate its purpose without causing a muddy mess, choose useful furniture that stands out. Forget cheap plastic storage boxes and consider stylish bench seats with draws, coat and hat stands, large sideboards and, of course, a generous doormat.

Find a Flow 
With entertaining spaces usually on the first floor of a townhouse, you want to move guests through the hallway and up the stairs as soon as they arrive. A great way to do this is with a staircase gallery wall, placing pictures diagonally up the stairs to draw people upwards.

Glazed doors or door-free archways will also take you from room to room effortlessly, while opening up otherwise dark spaces and small rooms. If you choose to have doors, make sure they can open fully and avoid cluttering corners with ‘flow blocking’ furniture. You might think you’re saving space but you’re actually making rooms look crowded.

Flooring and minimal lines are also key to good flow in a property, especially a townhouse interior. Wherever possible, go for the same flooring throughout or clearly establish where a hard floor ends and a carpet begins.

Create Light  
A terraced townhouse will come with the benefit of fewer external walls and lower energy bills but the downside is that there are only windows at either end of the property. To compensate for any lack of natural light, you may want to opt for cooler colours like light greys and blues or pastel pinks.

Having said that, some designers feel that darker colours do actually work in spaces with less natural light and if you have high ceilings, deep and warm colours - like rust, teal and golden brown - can create the illusion of a lower ceiling and reduce any sense of a void.

The key is to pick a base pallet throughout your townhouse and accentuate each room with feature walls, furniture and accessories. Mirrors work particularly well when trying to increase brightness and keep it light on the windows using sheer fabrics or even leave windows uncovered altogether, if appropriate. 

Maximise the space you have
Townhouses are deceptively spacious but long and narrow designs usually mean oddly shaped rooms, as well as nooks and crannies that can be hard to utilise. This is where versatile and multifunctional furniture comes in.

Sofa beds, lift-top coffee tables, storage ottomans and drop leaf tables are both space-saving and functional. Breakfast bars that can double up as workstations or alcove seating in open plan kitchens can give that ‘broken plan’ look without being wasteful.

Try and ensure as much floor is exposed as possible by buying open-legged furniture and off-the-floor shelving - plinths and valances that touch the floor can make spaces look hemmed in and boxy.

Sold on the townhouse idea? We’d be delighted to show you the wide range of townhouses we have for sale in Arundel, Chichester and the wider West Sussex area. Get in touch today.