Blink and you missed it. The summer is almost over and, as the darker nights draw in, you’ll need to invest in some creative autumn lighting to set the mood in your home - especially if you’re thinking of selling.

Ahead of the ban of halogen light bulb sales coming into force in September 2021, we take a look at some eco-friendly autumn lighting trends to consider for every room in the house.


If you want to make an entrance, or more accurately, an entrance hall that is as welcoming to you as it is to potential buyers, then optimum lighting is key. Often one of the darkest spaces in a house, a big mistake is to leave one light source struggling to do all the work.

Instead, create a journey through your hallway towards other rooms in the property with ceiling spotlights, pendants or wall lighting installed in a linear fashion. Or combine a series of lighting styles to ensure all dark corners can be brightened when needed.

Living rooms

As one of the most used and popular areas of the home, there are often many lighting requirements in a living room but be careful not to overdo it.

The autumn lighting staple is, of course, one main source of ambient light – the light that allows you to use the room effectively. And for this, you need to ditch the dark shades and replace them with more contemporary, transparent or even Art Deco styles.

For mood lighting, wall and lamps in large rooms work wonders as the cast a soft glow and different heights. Alternatively, you could choose trendier feature lighting, such as an uplight, to draw attention to a particular picture or piece of artwork. And never underestimate the candle - always a solid source of atmospheric lighting. 


Unlike the living room, where there’s usually one focal point, such as the TV or the coffee table, there are several areas of activity in a kitchen that can make it a challenging room when it comes to light. Plus, as the most used, valuable and sought-after room in a property, you need to get the lighting in a kitchen right to show off its true potential.

Without the natural light from long summer days, clever autumn lighting in the kitchen is all about task lighting – brightening up the different functional spaces. Directional lighting over dining tables or breakfast bars in the form of low-hanging pendants is pretty and practical, while under cabinet kitchen spotlights are perfect for food preparation and low-key ambience.

When you need to light the whole room, ceiling spotlights are best but definitely avoid unflattering fluorescent strips!


You need to create the best of both worlds in bedrooms - a soothing place to relax and unwind for a good night’s sleep as well as somewhere you can get read and dressed for the day ahead.

Striking the right balance can be a challenge, particularly when you fall asleep and wake up when it’s dark. With this in mind, the first autumn lighting accessory you may want to invest in is a SAD lamp. These recreate natural daylight in the morning to help you wake naturally and improve your mood.

Side lamps with warm LED bulbs are a given when reading books before bedtime but you could also use fairy lights to decorate mirrors and add atmosphere. An overhead ceiling light is a must for everyday tasks and there’s plenty of choice, from crystal chandeliers to contemporary pendants. You can also light up dark corners - LED downlights in wardrobes look gorgeous and come in useful too.


Unless you’re having a soothing bubble bath, a bathroom is one of the rooms where you need to be able to see everything with clarity, especially if the space is windowless.

The simplest and most stylish way to get complete coverage is with recessed ceiling spotlights – affordable and subtle too. Multiple light sources, however, will help create the right mood and enhance the design.

Task lighting around mirrors is crucial for those up close and personal moments, while in-shelf and under vanity lighting is effective and easily achieved by purchasing flexible LED strips.

For a superior shower experience, you could opt for luxury downlights above the shower head or Jacuzzi-style in-bath lights. If that’s a step too far, floating bath lights are a cheap and temporary solution for the bather with an acquired taste. Just be sure to consult with an electrician when planning or changing bathroom lighting as there are safety regulations to abide by.

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